Monday, December 1, 2008

Well, he's growing!

Today was David's four month well check. He weighs 18 pounds and 15 ounces! He has gained 8 ounces since last week! David is now 26" long, an amazing 6" growth in length in 4 short months. The doctor was very impressed with his bright eyes following everyone around and how much he smiled. He got his rotavirus oral vax and THREE other vaxes as well. He wasn't very happy about that, but overall he's done much better this go around than last round.

And for pictures...

Here's David on his birthday

Sick baby :(

Skinny baby getting his first tub bath!

And my big boy now!

We've come a LONG way from the tiny preemie that had a helicopter ride to Temple! Praise God he's healthy!


jkoonce said...

I cannot believe how big he has gotten. Yay for mommy giving him the wonderful growth juices - hehehehe. You guys deserve to be so proud. He's wonderful! I just wish I could hold him again. Hopefully soon!! Miss you guys!