Saturday, July 25, 2009

just updating...

Well I finished the half-finished pants in my previous post last week. I started a new pair today. Let's all guess how long it takes me to finish them...

On other subjects: I've got a meeting set up with Early Childhood Intervention for an "intake meeting" for David. Basically, the first meeting is a bunch of paperwork. After that meeting, they'll process the paperwork and set up another meeting where several therapists will come and test David in lots of different areas to see if he needs or qualifies for any services. I'm mostly concerned about his lack of eating skills and just want to make sure nothing is wrong.

David also has a dental appointment the first week of August. He has some severe decay on his top four teeth. I have no idea where it came from. Two months ago, there was a little discolored area on one of his top teeth. Today, that tooth is very obviously diseased and the other three are as well. I just hope we'll be able to work out some sort of payment plan with the dentist as I know this is not going to be a cheap fix. More than likely, it will require all 4 teeth being capped while under general anesthesia at the local hospital. And since David is not yet one, I'll probably spring for WHITE caps instead of the ugly silver ones. I mean, he'll have these darn things for up to 6 years!

Mikayla is bored out of her mind with summer break. All of her friends are gone on vacations and she does not enjoy playing with her brothers!

Bryson is a busy little boy. Growing, exploring and destroying.

Well, David is up. Off again.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Half-Finished Cable Longies

Cable Longies Shipwrecked, originally uploaded by amandassnyder.

My first pair of cable pants for David! These are pair one of a planned six-pair wardrobe for winter. Currently, only one leg is complete. Of course, they are unwashed, and unblocked, so they look a bit wonky, but I couldn't wait to share!

Thanks so much to Kine from Norway (a lady I know from a private message board) for sending me the wool for these! I knew right away that THESE were the pants for this wool. I'm so glad that they're turning out just the way I visioned!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

I'm a photo of the day failure..

Well. It didn't last long. I tried. I did. But honestly, by the end of the day (that's around midnight for me), I've realized I haven't taken pictures for like the past 3 days. Sad, isn't it. I hope you all enjoyed all the pictures though. I'll try to keep up once a week posts. I can probably handle that.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hubs POTD 14

Hubs POTD 14, originally uploaded by amandassnyder.

The man who picked POTD 13. Yup. That's him.

Cake Wreck POTD 13

Cake Wreck POTD 13, originally uploaded by amandassnyder.

The Birthday cake my husband willingly picked out. And he didn't get why I laughed the ENTIRE time. Talk about cake wreckage, my dears! The cracked icing. The bleeding food color. The random pick placement!

Riding with the Dog POTD 12

Sometimes the mistakes are better POTD 11

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

POTD Day 10

IMG_3106, originally uploaded by amandassnyder.

Clearly avocado is delicious!

POTD Day 9

IMG_3101, originally uploaded by amandassnyder.

Well.. This is the time I remembered to take the photo of the day. Whoops!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

I hate toilets [POTD Day 8]

Ugh. Toilets.., originally uploaded by amandassnyder.

I hate toilets. They stink if there are any men in the house. No matter how much you clean, urine seeps into the little crevices and makes them reek. Borrowed my sister-in-laws steam cleaner thingy to try to salvage said toilet. It's better, but still reeks. If only I could convince the men to use the toilet sitting down.

Driving to my sisters [POTD Day 7]

Driving, originally uploaded by amandassnyder.

Driving my kids to my sister's house. She actually volunteered to watch my older two for FOUR consecutive nights! God bless her!

A dirty little addiction [POTD Day 6]

The Shoe Chewer, originally uploaded by amandassnyder.

She wishes her brother was a sister! [POTD DAY 5]

Bryson, originally uploaded by amandassnyder.

but sometimes just dressing him up like one will do. Mikayla "pinked" Bryson up. Complete with pink Webkinz poodle and polka dot high heels. Bryson loved it as much as Mikayla did!