Friday, November 16, 2007

Of free turkeys, bad starters, and crayons

Today overall was okay. I woke up early. Bryson played well. Mikayla woke up in a good mood. We had to run and get cat food. All well and good. The cat was so glad to eat again (and no I hadn't been starving her, she's just used to access 24/7.)

Every year, my job gives free Thanksgiving turkeys. I made arrangements with a friend to watch Bryson since my idea of fun is not taking a 21 month old into a busy, dangerous warehouse. Dropped of the boy, drove all the way across town. Stopped and visited with all my co-workers before getting the turkey. I go pick up large, free turkey. Say good bye to everyone and go to the car to leave.

The car wouldn't start. I figured it was the battery since we'd been having some problems with it. Nope, a jump did nothing for it and all the electronics in the car were working fine (clock, radio, etc.) So the next logical choice, the starter is bad. Not like I can get that replaced right now. So..

The car is across town at my job. Sitting there locked. Sad and cold and not starting. I'm home with a free turkey, a boy and a dog. Mikayla is at Grandma's and I've got to figure out how to get her and get back before Brad needs to go to work tomorrow (and at the same time manage to leave him enough gas to get to work!) Boy this is fun.

To help make the day better, I started sewing up Christmas presents. Didn't get as much done as I wanted to, but it's a start! I'm sewing crayon rolls for all the little people I know. This should be fun. I only have like 10 left to go!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

New diapers from Old Stuff

I found a new diaper pattern to try. I think I like it. Very quick to sew. Looks like it will fit right. I haven't tried it on Bryson yet though. And the best part is, I've made them all from stuff laying around the house. This batch was made from some flannel a neighbor gave me and some old shirts given to me by a fellow mom!

The fronts are kinda boring.

But, Boy, oh Boy... check out the backs!

If you want to try your hand at sewing cloth diapers, here's a link to the pattern I was using. Rita's Rump Pockets, a one size pocket fitted made with long wings so you can use one pin!

Toilet Training

Bryson knows when he is wet. He knows when he is dirty. He demands to be changed and will even scale the climbing table and willingly lay down for a change. He likes the potty. Likes to sit on it and get paper. Likes to splash in the water. You'd think these would all be signs of being ready to potty train. That's what I thought too. I bought him a potty. I let him play with it. He hasn't peed in it yet and we've had it a month. This is what he does with it.
You mean I'm supposed to pee in it? I like the stool effect. I can reach all the buttons and tick off my sister by totally blocking the TV.

Real Moms

Real moms don't go to bed until midnight. Real moms then get up at 6am when their toddler thinks it's 7am (thanks to the time change). Real moms cook breakfast before their eyes can focus. Can anyone say pancakes? Real moms don't have time to sweep their floor.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

These are the days

Two kids. One mom and one dad. Add a dog and a cat and you have CHAOS! It gets crazy around here around 10:30 and around 3:30. I have no idea what my kids think they're doing, but in reality, they're just driving me crazy. Mikayla is screaming for candy. Bryson is trying to flush pieces of toilet paper so tiny I can't see them. Then the dog is chasing everyone and nipping at their heels. The cat can't keep her head out of our drinks and then there is the fish that we always forget to feed!

Oh.. and then it rains and you realize that your car windows are down
just enough to let the rain in and soak your seats. So you throw on some shorts and go running out there to roll the windows up. Whoops! You sit on the wet seat and your windows refuse to roll up. I swear these are they days no one tells you about.

All in all though, I thank God that I have been so blessed. I have a wonderful husband who cooks dinner when he's home (nothing gourmet, but it keeps us fed!) and two beautiful children who love me. I have a house and food and gas for the car. We're healthy and happy. God is Great!

Monday, November 5, 2007


Halloween was a hit around here. Mikayla was a pink princess and Bryson was the frog prince. Bryson got so many comments on his costume.

I really loved it for sure! They had little trick or treat bags from First Convenience Bank that we got at Kroger's earlier that day. Those little 8x12 bags were FULL to the top of candy. Honestly, I don't think the kids will eat it all before next Halloween. We JUST finished the candy that Mikayla got last year. Now we have twice as much to eat this year. That said, both Mikayla and Bryson are candy monsters and it should go fast.

We went to story time at the library on Halloween day. I figured they would so some sort of Halloween program. WRONG! It was a fire safety program. Both kids enjoyed it and we got to take pictures in the fire truck. Added bonus: They were in costume!

Mikayla has been in the fire truck about 5 times already so is a PRO at the pictures. Bryson LOVED the fire truck and wanted to push all the buttons on the computer you see in the background. I had to bribe him with candy to get him to look at the camera. I'm really glad I had my camera with me for the picture.