Friday, November 16, 2007

Of free turkeys, bad starters, and crayons

Today overall was okay. I woke up early. Bryson played well. Mikayla woke up in a good mood. We had to run and get cat food. All well and good. The cat was so glad to eat again (and no I hadn't been starving her, she's just used to access 24/7.)

Every year, my job gives free Thanksgiving turkeys. I made arrangements with a friend to watch Bryson since my idea of fun is not taking a 21 month old into a busy, dangerous warehouse. Dropped of the boy, drove all the way across town. Stopped and visited with all my co-workers before getting the turkey. I go pick up large, free turkey. Say good bye to everyone and go to the car to leave.

The car wouldn't start. I figured it was the battery since we'd been having some problems with it. Nope, a jump did nothing for it and all the electronics in the car were working fine (clock, radio, etc.) So the next logical choice, the starter is bad. Not like I can get that replaced right now. So..

The car is across town at my job. Sitting there locked. Sad and cold and not starting. I'm home with a free turkey, a boy and a dog. Mikayla is at Grandma's and I've got to figure out how to get her and get back before Brad needs to go to work tomorrow (and at the same time manage to leave him enough gas to get to work!) Boy this is fun.

To help make the day better, I started sewing up Christmas presents. Didn't get as much done as I wanted to, but it's a start! I'm sewing crayon rolls for all the little people I know. This should be fun. I only have like 10 left to go!


The Duty's said...

What's a crayon roll? It looks cute!