Tuesday, November 6, 2007

These are the days

Two kids. One mom and one dad. Add a dog and a cat and you have CHAOS! It gets crazy around here around 10:30 and around 3:30. I have no idea what my kids think they're doing, but in reality, they're just driving me crazy. Mikayla is screaming for candy. Bryson is trying to flush pieces of toilet paper so tiny I can't see them. Then the dog is chasing everyone and nipping at their heels. The cat can't keep her head out of our drinks and then there is the fish that we always forget to feed!

Oh.. and then it rains and you realize that your car windows are down
just enough to let the rain in and soak your seats. So you throw on some shorts and go running out there to roll the windows up. Whoops! You sit on the wet seat and your windows refuse to roll up. I swear these are they days no one tells you about.

All in all though, I thank God that I have been so blessed. I have a wonderful husband who cooks dinner when he's home (nothing gourmet, but it keeps us fed!) and two beautiful children who love me. I have a house and food and gas for the car. We're healthy and happy. God is Great!