Monday, May 2, 2011

Long weekend

We had a long, enjoyable weekend. On Saturday, Mikayla set up a lemonade stand at a friend's house (by request no less) as part of National Lemonade day. She didn't make much, but had a bunch of fun. Then on Sunday, she had her stand set up at HEB for two hours. She made a considerable amount of money there. Mikayla has decided to donate a portion of her proceeds to her Girl Scout troop and part to her school.

I'll be picking out new running shoes today so that I can start back running again. I've been out for a week, and I really miss it. I just hope the shoes solve the problem. You'd think a week with no running and sore knees would be feeling better. If shoes don't fix it, I'll have to make a doctor appointment and that's just no fun.