Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Potty Training and a New Diaper

So.. Bryson decided to throw a fit at changing time today. Arching his back and crying. I finally figured out that he was saying "Wet, Wet" through the sobs. He wanted to go on the potty. So we ran to the potty. He peed and was very excited. He helped empty the little potty and was so proud of himself. We went back to the little potty to re-assemble and he decided to play around. I left him with the potty and went about picking up toys. I look back and the boy had missed the potty and pooped on the floor RIGHT NEXT to the potty. Finally got that cleaned up. I don't think he liked the poop IN the potty. He kept saying "EWWWW, EWWWW".

So despite our slow attempts at potty training, I'm still sewing diapers. Here's my latest. A fitted from the FattyCakes pattern. It's a flannel outer. Has two hidden layers of hemp jersey and an inner of suedecloth. The flip out soaker is suedecloth topped, has a hidden layer of microfiber and two layers of hemp jersey. I get to try it out on Bryson tomorrow!