Thursday, December 13, 2007

Christmas Sewing Mania

I've been busy with Christmas sewing. Lately it's been crayon rolls, diaper covers and diapers. Today, I made a mini diaper bag to go with the dolls Mikayla is getting for Christmas. Overall, the pattern was easy, but I made a goof. The pockets are tall enough, in my opinion. Well, at least I know for next time, right? Anyway.. on to the details. The bag is made from two layers of plain cotton quilting fabric. Two Tinkerbell prints. It has pockets on both the inside and outside. If I wouldn't have added the snap, the bag would be totally reversible. I wanted Mikayla to have the closure ability though, and I just couldn't figure out the reversible snap thing!

Go to the Diaper Bag tutorial to figure out how to make one for yourself!