Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Wow! It's been a while.

I'm a forgetful blogger. Forgive me. Or not. Totally up to you! We've been busy. Bryson turned two, Mikayla is counting down to her birthday and we have exciting news we aren't quite ready to share.

Bryson's birthday went well. There were a LOT of people crammed in the living room and I made all the kids go out in the backyard. He got lots of toys and his very first remote controlled car.

Bryson had his two year well check today. He weighs 30 pounds and is 32 inches tall. He's at 70% for weight and about 80% for height. Not as big as his sister was, but still quite the big boy. And now he has a big boy haircut to match. I got tired of the "beauty" salons messing up his hair so I took him to a barber. Turns out the barber was one of my parent's old neighbors, so not only did Bryson get an AWESOME cut, but we (the barber and I) got all caught up with family gossip. If anyone needs a good barber, go see Theresa at Cutter's on Wellborn right next to Potato Shack.