Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Baby, Cancer and Life

I had my second OB appointment today. I've gained SEVEN pounds since the last appointment! This is crazy for me. I normally lose weight up until the last two months (months 7 and 8 for me). Oh well, maybe it means I won't spend the last half of this pregnancy in bed (one can dream right?). My blood pressure was normal. What a relief! I'm supposed to start taking it twice a week just to make sure it isn't starting to creep up. Like loading up two kids and traipsing off to the local WM or Kroger isn't going to make my BP rise. Anyway. Then it's time to listen for baby. Baby isn't cooperating. Mikayla wants to "see" the baby and asks for an ultrasound. Dr. Anna says that she has lots of patients to see and not much time. I say, "Well, I want to look anyway" and explain the situation w/ my MIL. Dr. Anna quickly puts the doppler away and says "Well, we can't find the baby. Guess we get to look!" Off we go for a quick US. Baby is doing fine. Heartbeat is good and strong. This little bean is all curled up with arms and legs tucked under in the classic fetal position already. Baby's legs/arms are facing down and back is facing up. EXACT same way I carried Mikayla the ENTIRE pregnancy, up until they pulled her unwillingly from my body. I'd scan in the pic, but I can't figure out how to make our OOOOLLLLDDDD scanner (like pre-baby) work on the new Mac!

In other news, my mother-in-law was released from the hospital on Monday. She also began her cancer treatment the same day. I really feel for the lady. She's undergoing weekly chemo and daily radiation right now. She's got radiation focused on her brain and upper spine. The cancer doctor told her today that the cancer in her spine is growing very rapidly and he's concerned she may become paralyzed from it. The doctors do not normally do chemo and radiation at the same time, but due to the type of aggressive cancer Sally has, it is her only hope of remission. And even then, the hope is only a tiny little glimmer in a vast ocean of bad news. Keep her in your prayers!

In life here.. I am so thankful that Bryson loves to sleep. Honestly, I don't know may 2 year olds that LIKE going to bed. You tell him it's bed time, he says "Night Night" and runs off to his room ready to climb into the crib. He loves his crib. Really, he loves it. I've tried converting it to a toddler bed, but he just cries that he wants the side back on!

Bryson has really started talking more now! He's in the middle of a verbal explosion. Just tonight at the store, I told him not to hit me cuz it hurt and then called him a "mean little monkey" and he repeated it back to me. I've started calling him George just because. Now everybody is George. Sissy George. Mama George. DaDa George. It's really quite funny!

Mikayla is her normal self. One minute she's all smiles and laughter, the next it's DRAMA time! Any little thing can set her off, at any time. Normally, she comes right back out of it though. Her birthday party is Saturday. My baby girl is going to be FIVE! Where did the time go? I remember bringing her home from the hospital wondering how in the world spring managed to happen while I was in there with her. I remember having to keep her in a onesie, a sleeper, two knit hats, a pair of socks on her hands and feet AND wrapped in two blankets to keep her temp constant (she was 4 weeks early after all!) I remember how big she was at her first birthday party. She was already a little girl. Baby hood was WAAAYYY behind that little girl. Sentences were coming from that precious tiny mouth. She was running up and down the halls. She was the size of a two year old! Now, she's turning 5. She'll start school in the fall. And I'm excited and anxious and scared of letting go!