Sunday, March 9, 2008

Ahh.. Children.

Bryson loves to sleep. Unless he's anyplace that isn't home where he is without his crib. He can be dead tired, but WILL NOT sleep. He doesn't fuss. He doesn't cry. He will play nicely in a pack-n-play for two hours, but he will not sleep. At least mama got some time without said kid stuffing elbows into overly sensitive nipples.

Mikayla hears everything you think she can't. And nothing you think she can. Aren't all 5 year olds that way. Whisper something to your husband across the room from said child, with the water running and the TV blaring, and she'll manage to hear it. IF however, you say the same thing, directly to her face, in a quiet room, while she's looking right at you, and she'll pretend she didn't hear a thing. DRIVES ME NUTS!

Independence is a wonderful thing. I realized yesterday, that if I died, my children wouldn't starve. Mikayla decided it was time for her and her brother to have a sandwich. What type of sandwich you ask? Why a peanut butter, raisin and marshmallow sandwich of course. And she even cut it in half so they could share. They would, however, only have water from the bathroom sink to drink. She's not allowed in the fridge by herself and she chooses to observe that rule!


Ana said...

"peanut butter, raisin and marshmallow sandwich "

wow...that is very uhm..."gourmet"!