Friday, May 30, 2008

26 week OB checkup

Today I had my 26 week checkup. This involved a LOVELY gestational diabetes test. So the entire family (toddler, preschooler, hubby and I) get up early to make the first lab appointment at 8:30 so I can chug that miserable orange drink. I chug said drink and we head down the road to get breakfast for the kiddos and hubby. They eat, I get mine to go and we head out.

My toddler trips over the curb. Guess what. I was holding his hand. Guess who tripped over him? Yup. Me! Full on, no way to save myself or avoid the belly, I plow into the concrete driveway. After about a minute when I catch my breath, I realize I'm okay and we head back to the doctor.

Less than 5 minutes down the road, said toddler then proceeds to throw up his 3 donut holes and his sausage and cheese kolache. Great. Now I have a carseat filled with puke, a bleeding knee, and a growling tummy!

We get back to doctor, strip said icky toddler and go in. Toddler has on tennis shoes, socks and a diaper. Because we had used his spare change of clothes over the weekend and I FORGOT to pack another set.

On to the regular checkup (after the blood draw). My blood pressure was high - yeah big surprise there! It went down after about 10 minutes though. We took a quick peek at the baby to try to determine sex. Baby refused to share. Doctor sends me to the hospital to make sure baby is okay after the fall.

Get to the hospital, and baby refuses to share a good view of 1) kidneys 2) umbilical cord insert 3) spine & 4) gender. First tech calls in another tech to get the 4 pictures the first tech couldn't. We got good shots of everything but #3 & 4.

So.. after an exciting morning, a toddler covered in puke and not one, but two ultrasounds, we know both the baby and I are okay. We also do NOT know the baby's gender.