Monday, June 2, 2008

Well.. It's today..

Nothing really of note. Just wanted to update everyone on all the goings-on.

My MIL (who is undergoing treatment for cancer) is slightly better. Better meaning that her brain tumors have shrunk, but her lung tumors have not. She's still on oxygen, still getting chemo and getting steroids once a week. The steroids help her feel better for a day or two before she starts spiraling down again.

The belly bean is growing, kicking and causing heartburn for me. Baby refuses to share gender, so we will be having a surprise baby. Hopefully, gender will become painfully obvious at birth :)

Mikayla starts Vacation Bible School tonight. And man oh man is Bryson upset that he isn't old enough to go yet. He really, really wants to go.

We got about 15 tadpoles from a friend. They are currently living in a rubbermaid container on my kitchen counter. I've gotta figure out what to feed them before they die!