Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sewing from the past few days

So I joined a contest on one of my boards to encourage me to use all the fabric I have sitting around! So far, I've sewn a skirt and a jumper for Mikayla and made myself 25 points! WTG me! Today, I'm going to try to get some Pajamas and undies for Bryson made. I just need to trace those darn Otto patterns!

So the first thing I made was an Ottobre dress that I modified into a jumper. I had to remove the sleeves, increase the size of the sleeve holes slightly and add facings. It was a VERY quick project. I completed it from cut to finish during nap time. The fabric is a clearance lightweight cordouroy I got at Walmart. I even have enough left to make a skirt from the same fabric.

Next, I made her a quick skirt from the Twirly Skirt Tutorial. I used more material I had leftover from another project. I edited the tutorial to remove the drawstrings and add racing stripes to the side. Mikayla LOVES this skirt. And I think I have enough to make another coordinating skirt.