Tuesday, July 1, 2008

We're growing a GIRL!

Well, our baby finally decided to cooperate and tell us that she was indeed a SHE. Just like I suspected all along. So now, I get to get busy making girly diapers and going through my niece's girly clothes. Thankfully, I have a dear friend who has two little girls as well and I'm sure I can sweet talk her enough to let me borrow some girly cloth diapers. I do have a list of stuff to start on though now that I know gender. And I could have as few as 4 weeks before our little girl decides to make her appearance. I do hope it is closer to the full 9 weeks she deserves though!

In case anyone is wondering.. Here's what I still need for our new girly addition.

-Two dozen newborn sized cloth diapers
-Two dozen infant sized (or yellow edge) cloth diapers
-4 newborn and 4 small diaper covers
-Nursing bras (I only have two left from Bryson that no longer fit correctly, imagine that!)
-A few simple summer dresses (newborn and 0-3 month sizes)
-A Moby Wrap (or a knock off home made one)
-And I'd LOVE LOVE LOVE an Ergo (or similar), but highly doubt I'll ever get one due to the cost

Thankfully, we have all the big stuff (carseat, crib, high chair, etc). And most of the stuff I need are things that are easy to get (as long as I'm shopping online!)


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MoJoMama said...

congrats on a baby girl!

The Mama said...

Hey Amanda!
Congratulations! Hope you guys are all doing well!

Ana said...

congratulations! I LOVE the name!