Sunday, August 24, 2008

Diapers for Two

Doing diapers for two is, well, exhausting. And I'm using disposables part time on Bryson. I don't want to push him, but I can't wait until that boy learns how to use the potty. The above picture is ONE DAY worth of laundry. For Bryson there are 3 pockets, 1 all in one, and 4 fitteds for a total of 8 diapers. For David, there are 7 fitteds, 4 prefolds and 2 all in ones for a total of 13 diapers. And then there is the pile of wipes, extra doublers, and random pile of momma cloth on the floor. When you go through 21 diapers in one day, you have to wash diapers EVERY DAY. Just no way around it. The pail gets full and if you delayed it (because you know you have enough diapers) you'd just wind up doing two loads of diapers in one day, which would be worse.

However, with all of that said, I'll just say, Man I'm glad we use cloth diapers. I can't imagine the fortune we'd be throwing away every day if we used disposables. If you figure 17 cents per diaper (on the low end), we'd be throwing away $3.57 every day. That's $24.99 per week, $1299.48 per year. And that's if the kids don't get sick and burn through say, 15 diapers in one day with explosive poo. Knowing I've only spent something like $400 on the diapers I have in my house, I'm happy we use cloth!