Sunday, January 11, 2009

A new look!

Decided I needed a new look for the new year! Let me know if anything looks funky on your end.

Nothing too exciting happening for us here. David is growing by leaps and bounds and is now solidly in his 12 month clothing. 5 months old and this boy is HUGE. Bryson has decided to give up naps much to my dismay. He's finally figured it out though and his new bedtime is anywhere between 6:30p and 7p depending on his moods. Mikayla is still going strong in Kindergarten. She's not enjoying it much right now because she says "I'm the last one to read" (in her drama queen voice) when I know for a fact only about half of the class is reading. I have a meeting with her teacher to discuss how I can help her.

Work is really slow this time of year, so I'm already using vacation to cover those hours that just aren't there. Thankfully, I have three weeks of vacation, so I still have two weeks left. I've been blessed with several free lance jobs as well, so that's extremely helpful.

Brad has been pulling a lot of overtime at a unit about an hour and a half away to help us get out of the hole and ahead a bit. Hopefully, we'll achieve that goal before it gets hot and riots are more likely.