Sunday, June 7, 2009

It's been a LONG time!

Well, it's been about 4 months since my last post. A busy four months filled with joy, sadness, and lots of kids.

My mother-in-law, Sally, lost her battle with cancer on the morning of April 29th. We went to see her the night before and are very glad we got one last chance to sit by her bed and let her know we loved her. Everyone is coping very well. I think in part due to the fact that we had already come to terms with the fact we were going to lose her. Her memorial service was very moving and exactly what she would have wanted.

Mikayla has finished her first year of school. She is a kindergarten graduate and will move to first grade in the fall. She already misses school, her friends, and most of all her teacher, Mrs. B.

Bryson is still the loving, trouble-making 3.5 year old he was 4 months ago. He'll come up to us and give us kisses and hugs and let us know he misses us. He is constantly coming up with new things that make us laugh.

David has EIGHT teeth now. Four came in in one week. He is also in the process of cutting 4 more. Four at a time seems to be his normal. He is army crawling around the house. His giggle is more like a cough than a laugh. David saves ALL of his talking for after the big kids go to bed. His favorite crawling target is the cat. Of course, the cat is a moving target and he rarely actually reaches her! David refuses to eat real food, baby food, or anything other than my milk. He refuses cups, sippies, straws, bottles, spoons, syringes. Basically unless it comes straight from me, he's not having it. It's starting to get a bit frustrating, but I'm hopeful that soon, he'll figure it out!

I am enjoying, for the most part, being my kids' mom. Working to keep the house from looking like a disaster zone. I've started knitting even more. Hardly a week goes by that I don't finish something knitted--shorts, diaper covers, dish cloths, coffee cozies.

Brad is working away. Plugging along babysitting adults. Well, not really, but basically, that's what he does!


Rachel said...

David looks so much like Bryson did at that age! I can't believe how big your kids have gotten since I have last seen you all.

Do you knit skirties? I just saw one the other day and have been drooling over it since.

Brandy said...

I agree with Rachel - man, he looks just like Bryson!

Sorry about your MIL, things like that are so hard.

And glad you finally updated..I've been wondering how ya'll are doing!