Tuesday, June 30, 2009

POTD - Day 3

Mikayla playing with goo, originally uploaded by amandassnyder.

A very happy Mikayla for you. Normally, at this time of the morning, Mikayla is NOT happy. This morning, she got to play with her goo. We made goo the evening before. How do you make goo you ask. Why.. let me tell you!

First - take a roll of toilet paper. The cheap stuff. Don't waste the Charmin on this folks.

Second - Have child rip toilet paper to shreds and deposit it in a large rubbermaid.

Third - Grate a little bit of soap over the top of the toilet paper.

Fourth - Get a spray bottle. Fill with water and add a bit of food coloring. Spray paper. Really turn it around and get it good and wet.

Fifth - Squish everything around. REALLY REALLY squish it. You might need to add a bit more water. The more you squish, the more fun it gets.

Then, parents, just sit back and watch your kids have fun. If you're a really awesome parent, you'll let the kid do ALL of the above steps while you just sit and watch.

This project kept Bryson busy for TWO HOURS the first day. That's a record. He only sleeps for longer than that!