Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Good thing I love them..

Because otherwise, I'd have to kick all the kids out of the house. Today was a bit trying with the two boys.

Today Bryson:
-peed in the trashcan just because he could.

-filled a toy bin with water and dumped it on the floor. VERY Sneaky cuz he had the water barely turned on so I couldn't hear it.

-Figured out how to open the chest freezer, take a step stool and dig around in the baskets for stuff (corn dogs and popsicles).

-poured his koolaid from his sports top bottle over every window sill in the kitchen.

-poured his koolaid from a different straw cup into a bowl full of sliced apples.

-spit chewed up apples into my hair brush (YUCK!)

However, in order to redeem himself he:

-learned how to sweep the kitchen floor because he said "It very dirty in here"

-asked for (and received) a cuddle at bed time.

David was pretty much a typical 3 month old today. Nursed all morning. Fought sleep much of the afternoon. Smiled and GIGGLED during bath time.

In other house events... Mikayla's school is having a 50s sing along on Friday and there is no way I'll be able to go with both boys and no sitters. She hasn't asked if I"m going yet though, so I'm just praying she doesn't ask so I don't have to disappoint her. Going to school has made her sassy mouth even worse. It was so bad yesterday I had to send her friends home and send her to bed early and without her TV show. Tonight was only slightly better.

As for me, I've just been doing normal keeping house sort of things (laundry, cooking, cleaning). I've also started knitting another pair of pants for David. They might be done sooner than the last pair!