Tuesday, November 25, 2008

So who does he look like?

I get that question all the time about David. When he was first born, he was the spitting image of Bryson. Now, I think he looks like Mikayla. You try to figure it out. I'm not going to tell you who is who, you get to guess. And no girly clothing to give anything away either!

On other news, we're having Thanksgiving with my sister in law and my husband's side of the family on Thursday. Brad will be working, so we're also going to have a small family Thanksgiving at home on Sunday. Yummy turkey for a whole week!

Today, I folded and stacked ALL the clean clothes. My new laundry rule is IF YOU CAN REACH THE PLACE IT BELONGS, YOU'RE OLD ENOUGH TO PUT IT AWAY. So Mikayla can manage to put away ALL of her clothes because she can reach all of the drawers. Bryson can only manage his pants because that's the only drawer he can reach. And guess what, Brad can reach all of his drawers as well, so I'm no longer responsible for putting away his laundry.

My stress levels have risen to an all time high trying to do everything. Therefor, in addition to my new laundry rule, I also have a "stuff" rule. It goes like this I WILL ASK YOU ONE TIME TO PUT SOMETHING AWAY. AFTER THAT, I PUT IT AWAY. IN THE TRASH. AND IT STAYS THERE.

I'm also planning on using the long Thanksgiving weekend to go through the kids clothing and get rid of things that no longer fit (over half of their clothes) and things that are the wrong season (about a quarter of it) and that should leave 1/4 of the clothes currently in their drawers. I'm also going to go through all toys. If it hasn't seen the light of day and the love of kiddos hands in the past two weeks, it's leaving the house. What's left must fit in their toy drawer (each kid has one). I figure less toys will equal less stress. It worked in the past, but kids accumulate stuff.


Rebecca said...

Sound like good rules to me!